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Living in Guangzhou, China

What will I do in my free time?

ACT's primary location is chosen to best fit the needs of our trainees. We operate primarily out of Tian He district across from the city's major stadium and sport center (recently renovated for the 2010 Asian Games). Tian He is situated in Guangzhou so as to provide easy access to mountains for hiking,historical sites and shopping locations(street,underground or market style). It's very near to three mega malls and an array of restaurants specializing in different western cuisines. Ex-pats and locals can find ample opportunity for entertainment - traditional and extreme sports,clubs and bars,authentic karaoke. Almost anything you might do at home is available in Guangzhou and a whole lot you might never have tried. Everyday can be a new experience.

What are the holidays?

Spring Festival (Chinese New Years) 7-14 days
Summer Holidays: 4 days
National Day holiday: 2-5 days
May Day holiday: 1 day
Mid-Autumn Holiday 1 day
Christmas:1 day
Chinese schools abide by all national holidays. The sample above is shorter than the actual time off in most cases as there is no accounting made here for accrued time off owing to banked overtime or other circumstances. In general it's safe to assume a total of around 3 - 4 weeks of holiday time over any given year. Some contractual holidays are left from this list, and the actual holidays that you may see honoured differs from location to location. This list is meant only as a partial sample of the biggest holidays of the Chinese year and the minimum time one can normally expect to have off in each case.

What is near Guangzhou? Any interesting day trips?

Guangzhou is a great place to live because it is so close to many other enjoyable cities and countries in Southeast Asia. Shenzhen, Macau and Hong Kong all can be reached by express trains(1-3 hours). If you like hiking and mountainous areas, Guilin's and Yang Shuo are hot tourist spots. Yang Shuo can be reached in 50 minutes by plane. Hainan (the Hawaii of China) is also a great place to go and relax at the beach. Zhu Hai is also another well-know coastal city that can be reached in an hour and a half by bus. Many teachers living in Guangzhou like to travel to other smaller villages and towns in the Guangdong Province to really experience different local cultures and customs within China.

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