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  • February 26(4 weeks)
  • April 30(4 weeks)
  • July 30(4 weeks)
  • September 17(4 weeks)
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TESOL certification
About A.C.T. TESOL
The test at the end of the TESOL certification process challenges the teacher to use all that they learn in the program. It often takes four hours to complete the test and it is difficult. However if a teacher does well on the test, they will be very well preparing to teach English to any foreign class in a fun and exciting way. ACTESOL Certificate Program specializes in preparing our trainees to be comfortable working in Mainland China and other Asian countries, but is easily applicable to other countries around the world. ACTESOL program provides a great service for those wanting to earn a TESOL certificate.
Our course includes:
  • Comprehensive TESOL classes (active input/theory input)
  • Over 300 Hours of Teaching Practice (TP)
  • 15 hours Mandarin Survival Training. (Sponsor school will also provide mandarin classes once a week)
ACTESOL is in partnership with a private language school: Canadian International Educational Organization(CIEO). This partnership means that you will gain a lot of experience teaching English in a variety of classes from kindergarten to young adults. ACTESOL course will prepare you to have a real understanding of TESOL, hands-on training, observation of experienced teachers, and most importantly practice hours and feedback. ACTESOL is a unique course where you get paid to learn how to teach English in a dynamic way, and where the teachers AND learners have fun. ACT focuses and prepares our trainees to make an impact on an individual's life.

Theory Input Topics
  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Management
  • Giving Instructions
  • EFL Methodology
  • Teaching Productive Skills
  • Teaching Receptive Skills
  • Evaluation and Testing
  • Teaching New Language
  • Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology
  • Teachers and Learners
  • Teaching Aids
  • Course books and Materials
  • Teaching Special Groups
  • Troubleshooting
  • Culture Sense
TESOL Teacher training in guangzhou
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